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The Simian Buying Guide

Welcome to our guide, this is more likely to suit you if you’re a beginner or new to vaping, but were sure you might even pick something up even if your a seasoned vaping vet.

There are many categories on the website but if your just starting out, the simpler devices will suit you very well, we would recommend a pod system if your looking for something smaller and discreet, whether that’s discreet in the hand or not to blow huge clouds a pod system could do either of those.

If your after discreet clouds, nothing too noticeable look for something marked with MTL in the description, its nothing complicated, it means its a “mouth to lung device” so you would use that as I f you would have used a cigarette, but don’t try and light it, that would be bad.

Some pod systems will be MTL and DTL ( Direct to lung ) , now your “DTL” devices will give larger amounts of cloud, not so discreet.

Don’t confuse big clouds with a larger nicotine intake, it doesn’t work like that. So, with that said, lets have a little look at what we put in E-cigarettes, (pod systems, vapes, e-cigs, cigalikes, etc)

Well its just good old E-Liquid, some people call it oil, some call it Juice, it all gets very confusing when the descriptions contain ratio’s, some will say 80/20 some 50/50, some 70/30, this is all very confusing to a beginner. To explain this you just need to know what’s in E-liquid, well there are normally only 4 ingredients ( we are governed by a law called “TPD” on this one), those ingredients are Vegetable glycerine, Propylene glycol, flavourings and nicotine. The ratios we mentioned earlier simply describe the ratio of vegetable glycerine to propylene glycol, we will call them VG and PG from here on in.

So an 80/20 would be 80% VG and 20%PG, what about the other two ingredients, well the nicotine or flavourings will be made of one or the other, VG or PG, so they are part of that calculation.

VG is thicker than PG, so the higher the VG rating the thicker the liquid.

So, which liquid should I use, thats the difficult question for the start of your vaping journey, well, it only sounds difficult, there are rules of thumb out there but lets not confuse the issue, any device you choose will have instructions to tell you which liquid suits your needs for that device, if your not sure, just give us a call, we will point you in the right direction, most MTL devices would run much better on a 50/50 to 60/40, these are thinner liquids.

Now, what needs to be considered next, Nicotine and how much should I have? Well I have seen many people try and start vaping but have given up because someone recommended a higher strength nicotine, the problem is that when you vape with a higher strength nicotine it can be very harsh on the throat, only a handful of vapers actually appreciate that feeling.

We normally recommend a lower strength to get you started, you can always step it up if you find its not enough. Basing a decision on how many you usually smoke doesn’t equate in the real world, because you can vape as much as you like and it will still be healthier than whatever you were used to before.

So thats what you need to get started but here’s some questions for you to think about when buy a vape.

Does the device have an inbuilt battery, if not do I need to add one to my order.( this will be in the device description)

Do I need an external charger ( most starter kits don’t, especially if the battery is built in)

Juice flavours, when starting try and pick a flavour you like, most want to stick to a tobacco flavour but as the vaping journey continues the idea of breaking away from tobacco flavours normally becomes a natural direction, some people just want to go straight for the more flavourful ranges, just pick something you know you like at first, get more adventurous later on, this will save you from picking something you don’t like straight away.

Ok, so now your armed with enough information to get started on your journey, have a browse through and see what you think would be comfortable in your hand, something that you would feel to conscious about when using it ( with that said, you could make a statement and go loud and proud)

As well as producing our own E-liquid range we aim to bring you one of the largest vaping selections available at an affordable price. 

Flavour monkey works hard, creating flavours to tantalise your taste buds, seeking out the widest selection of vaping equipment and accessories for your needs. 

You can buy from our website or visit our shop and we will be more than happy to go through all of our incredible range with you.

There is something for every pocket.

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