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Battery Safety

Battery safety is a vital part of vaping, The Batteries used in vaping are not like the batteries you see around the home, AA, AAA, C, D etc. It is vital that we look after our devices batteries as it is a key safety element.

Here are the things to look out for :

Ensure the wrap on the battery is in good condition, no nicks, tears missing areas.

Have a look at the top positive end of the battery, there should be an insulator around the positive contact and tucked under the wrap ( this is called a peak insulator)

Make sure there are no dents in the battery, particularly in the positive and negative contacts.

Another point is to not over use a battery, this can be on a day to day basis, I.E do not flatten the charge too much, or on a longer term basis, most manufacturers have their own recommendations, but a rule of thumb would be 300 charges or a year and then change it out.

Use the right batteries, some are good for sub ohm vaping others are not meant to be used in an e cig at all, don’t just go by the numbers on the battery, do a bit of research, your internet search engine will have a mass of information on this, so will we if you ask us.

Always store batteries safely, use a battery case, never put loose batteries in your pocket or handbag, or anywhere for that matter, for example a battery in your pocket can contact and short out on keys or coins, this will cause an explosion, and not a little one either, this is usually the problem that’s happened in all the Vaping horror stories doing the rounds. Keep them in a case and they wont come in to contact with anything, that keeps them safe.

If you have a built in battery, then turn your device off before putting it in your pocket or handbag to avoid the button being pressed inadvertently, and even more importantly don’t leave it on charge somewhere unventilated, I.E in your bag, in a drawer, under your pillow!, yes that’s right, some people actually do that, it can go pop if it gets too hot.

Fake batteries or counterfeits are another thing to watch out for, only buy of a reputable dealer, if you see a deal on the internet that’s too good to be true, then it generally is. Fake batteries are usually not tested, not safe, and certainly will not push out the amperage that they say they will, this can be a real danger, especially if your into mech mods.

Use an external charger, most devices these days can recharge the batteries through a USB cable, but by using an external charger designed to do the job the battery reaches a correct charge more efficiently, not only that many of them include battery data readouts and health checks so you know when the battery becomes old and unsafe.

Keep them at a safe temperature, batteries are fairly rugged pieces of kit when it comes to temperature but you don’t want to put that to the test, an over heated battery that has been pushed to the limit could vent, or worse explode, that’s not a good thing, rule of thumb, room temperature is fine, but sit it in direct sunlight on a hot day isn’t a good thing to do.

Use married batteries, if your using a dual battery, triple battery or bigger, then the batteries you use should have been bought as matching batteries, bought at the same time, charged in the same charger at the same time, that’s what makes them married, essentially everything matches, from brand, type, charge rate, time of charge, good to go.

Always dispose of batteries safely, recycle them at the correct recycling points every time.

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